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What's New at Bayside Corals | May 2022

16 May 2022
by Bayside Corals
Everything new and exciting at Bayside Corals for May, 2022.

Summer Hours
Bayside Corals will be closed Sundays starting the weekend of May 23 until the weekend of September 4 (we are open Saturdays as usual).

New Fish and Corals
Bayside Corals receives weekly fish, invert and coral shipments. These typically arrive later in the week and go on display late Saturday. The fish usually need a day or two to unwind and acclimate, so Tuesdays are a perfect day to shop for fish (and we have a Tidal Tuesday special).

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Livestock Shipments
We have up-to-date in-stock lists of all livestock and corals which can be accessed through the following links:
Bayside In-stock Fish
Bayside In-stock Invertebrates
Bayside In-stock Corals
Bayside In-Stock WYSIWYG Corals

If you're planning a trip in from out of town to look at a particular coral or marine entity, we do recommend that you give us a quick call prior to ensure availability (306-382-4222). Alternately, you can always place an online order to reserve anything for in-store pickup. We do take backorders for any drygoods, so even if something is temporarily out-of-stock it can still be ordered online. As always, the helpful and knowledgeable staff at Bayside Corals is here to help you anytime!
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