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Occasionally one of our valued customers will shut down their tank due to logistics in moving (etc.) or we'll upgrade some of our in-store equipment at Bayside Corals. When this occurs, we thoroughly test, clean and then make these available to our customers at substantial discounts. Any rehomed fish, inverts and corals typically go into our regular livestock inventory (although being established livestock - these are usually snapped up fast - so be sure to check with us regularly). Here is a current list of equipment we have on-hand:

SOLDRed Sea Reefer 750XXL v3 | Black SOLD
SOLDRed Sea RSK 900 Skimmer SOLD
SOLDEcoTech Radion G4 XR30 SOLD
SOLDEcoTech Radion G4 XR15 SOLD
SOLDEcoTech Radion G4 Mount SOLD
1Reef Brite XHO XR30 KitNew Price: $270.00Used Price: $185.00
2Reef Brite XHO XR15 KitNew Price: $245.00Used Price: $170.00
1Red Sea ReefWave45New Price: $449.99SOLD
SOLDNeptune Apex SOLD
SOLDNeptune COR20 Pump SOLD
1Neptune DDR ReservoirNew Price: $269.99Used Price: $185.00
1Neptune FFM ModuleNew Price: $134.99Used Price: $90.00
1Neptune WXM ModuleNew Price: $169.99Used Price: $115.00
2Neptune Flow Sensor 1"New Price: $81.00Used Price: $40.00
2Neptune Flow Sensor 1/4"New Price: $27.00Used Price: $15.00
1Kessil H80 Fuge Light & MountNew Price: $220.00Used Price: $150.00
1Abyzz A100 Return PumpNew Price: $1,949.99Used Price: $1,350.00
SOLDSicce SDC 9.0 WiFi Return Pump SOLD

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Note that pricing and availability is subject to change without notice, so please contact us at [email protected] for an up-to-date list. All prices are plus applicable taxes and shipping.