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What's New at Bayside Corals | June 2021

8 Jun 2021
by Bayside Corals
Everything new and exciting at Bayside Corals for June, 2021.

YouTube Channel
Have you Subscribed to our YouTube Channel yet? Bayside has resumed new weekly content. Check it out! When you subscribe and like our Facebook page, we'll enter your name in a draw for a container of EzeClean.

Indo Live Rock
The moratorium and ban on harvesting and collecting live rock has been lifted in some regions of the world, and Bayside Corals is pleased to make it available for pre-order. We have special pricing available of $16.99 per lb (normally $19.99 per lb) and it comes in 40-45lbs boxes. When ordering, please specify the total number of pounds of live rock that you'd like.

This is the good stuff - full of all the beneficial microfauna we're always ranting and raving about. Starting your new tank with live rock is a breeze compared to standard dry rock. Add a few pieces of (previously cured) live rock to your existing aquarium and reap the benefits of a plethora of microfauna to your reef tank

New Coral and Livestock Shipments
Bayside Corals continues to receive regular fish and invertebrate shipments, and has recently added many outstanding corals to our viewing tanks. Come visit our store and check it out! We now have up-to-date in-stock lists of all livestock and corals which can be accessed through the following links:
Bayside In-stock Fish
Bayside In-stock Invertebrates
Bayside In-stock Corals
Bayside In-Stock WYSIWYG Corals

If you're planning a trip in from out of town to look at a particular coral or marine entity, we do recommend that you give us a quick call prior to ensure availability (306-382-4222). Alternately, you can always place an online order to reserve anything for in-store pickup. We do take backorders for any drygoods, so even if something is temporarily out-of-stock it can still be ordered online. As always, the helpful and knowledgeable staff at Bayside Corals is here to help you anytime!
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