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Red Sea Introduces New REEFER-S Tanks

10 Apr 2021
by Bayside Corals

New REEFER-S Series Tanks

Red Sea has just announced two brand new REEFER-S™ series tanks for the budding aquarist. The REEFER-S is Red Sea's new super-sized premium reef-ready system and allows you to take reefscaping to another dimension. Both the new 850 and 1000 feature an all-aluminum superstructure, marine-spec doors and panels, an elegant jet-black internal fortified glass frame, hidden adjustable feet, chiller and hardware chamber with slide-out control panel, dual side-facing return pump outlets, enlarged overflow box and a silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow and new high-precision valve.

The 850 has a total volume of 850 liters (265 gallons), with a display of 680 liters (180 gallons).
The 1000 has a total volume of 1000 liters (265 gallons), with a display of 795 liters (210 gallons).
Both feature a new split-sump which can be configured as a dedicated refugium, frag tank or RO or saltwater reservoir. Black or white finish is available for both models.

Available as of May
The new REEFER-S tanks are Now Available For Pe-Order, with an expected delivery date of late May to early June 2021.


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